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For Industrial Training

Biotech, Pharma, Food Science

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Industrial Training curriculum majorly includes

  • Protein Isolation Techniques
  • Plant and herbal extract preparation and analysis
  • Chromatographic estimation of isolated samples
  • Antioxidant activity estimation assays
  • Microemulsion preparation and characterization
  • Biochemical estimation
  • Quality assurance and quality control
  • Introduction to method validation
  • Calculation and Preperation of solutions and buffers
  • Introduction to clinical research
  • Medical Writing
  • Personality development wordshops and many more

          Quality Control & Quality Assurance

  • Introduction to Good labortory Practices
  • Introduction to Good Clinical Practices
  • Introduction to Good Manufacturing Practices


  • Nano-particle preparation
  • FT-IR
  • Lyophilization
  • Chromatography
  • Spectrometry
  • Enzyme assays

Industrial Training Program

June 2018 – July 2018

Pharma Instinct SCO 52-53, Sector 9 D Chandigarh

Pharma Instinct is R&D Company doing various research projects for Food, Biotech & Pharma companies. We are passionate about training of students. Each student is given individualized atiention & thorough practical exposure. Our training helps in professional and personal development of students. Our experienced faculty and their passion fortraining of the students are the reasons for success of our training program.

4 – 6 weeks


B.Sc Biotech/M.Sc Biotech

Food Tech

B Tech _Biotech/M Tech-Biotech

Mail at the any of the email ids of pharmaintinct to get registeration form for enrolling yourself for the training:

Fee for Training Rs. 11000-00 +GST. Pl deposit advance Registration amount of Rs. 4000-00 for booking your seat in the training program. Balance of the payment will required to be submitted before initiation of the training.

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