Research & Development


We passionately and dedicatedly pursue innovative technology development for novel products & processes. We strongly believe that continuous, incremental innovations and improvements are a must in the drug development process to meet unmet medical needs.


Experts at Pharma Instinct Pvt. Ltd. interact with your technical team and do a critical analysis of your product portfolio. They guide your technical team on substantial innovations and real value addition to your existing products. In the knowledge-driven sector like pharmaceuticals, an idea can cause breakthrough innovation leading to orbit change in the business.

Research capabilities


We take up research projects from the conceptual stage and translate those into marketable products. We have a well-equipped research lab facility, where we can execute lab-scale research work and for scale-up studies, we collaborate with various research institutes of global repute like NIPER, Punjab University, etc.

Therapeutic Areas



Technologies in Pipeline

  • PhI 001-Lab Level- Formulation for Diabetes
  • PhI 002-Lab Level – Formulation for Wound Management
  • PhI-003- Technology available for sale –Anti Coagulant (API)
  • Phi-004-Proof of Concept Level-Low Molecular Weight Anti- Coagulant (API)
  • PhI-005-Technology ready for Sale- Nutrition
  • PhI-007 Scale up Level -Nutrition
  • PhI-006-Scale up level-Nutrition