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How to run the perfect Clinical Trial recruitment campaign

Important factors for perfect and successful clinical trial recruitment campaign


There are many factors which work together in running a perfect and successful clinical trial. And patient recruitment is one of those important factors. It is the most crucial factor but has “not so good” reputation as it takes longer time which is responsible for slow down of the research process. With correct strategies to recruit volunteers, enrolling does not take much of the time of trial’s progress.

Here are some of the most important strategies used by the clinical trial companies to run the perfect clinical trial recruitment campaign.

Gain ideas for recruiting patients

For clinical training planning and execution patient centricity is very crucial in every part of it and is the most critical at the patient recruitment stage. What patient would want to know during the time of decision making to join clinical trial regarding the risks and benefits, purpose of the trial and location of the trial spot should be kept in mind while creating advertisements.

The recruiters prior to patient recruitment for a trial should have the idea about what might motivate the patients to join clinical trials and make them understand, why it’s essential rather than critical. There are many online forums out there where the patients may be discussing certain things that might be important for them regarding participating in a clinical trial. The recruiters should get involved in the discussion and clear their doubts. While building communications, patient’s perspectives and language used by them should be taken into account. Also, relationships should be built with advocacy groups who are the experts in targeting the patient population and can suggest well in crafting messages that resonate and will be able to select appropriate channels.

Simple language and compelling imagery should be used to appropriately reflect the patient population of a campaign. And this would help a lot to recruit the right group of people for a specific trial.


Use the art of digital advertising

Online advertising about the trials can be very powerful in generating interest for trials among the general population and to find out qualified volunteers for the trials. One of the broad scale benefit of patient recruitment through digital platform is that it can easily reach the general population or patients wherever or whenever they are online in  Facebook, Whatsapp, Quora, Reddit, Instagram, Tiktok and many more  along with the search platform like Google and Bing.

At a particular time millions of social media users around the world scrolls through the social media sites sharing feeds, creating stories, tweeting latest news and lots more. Social media offers precise interest targeting that can help in finding people in a particular interest area. And as it helps other activities, it may help regarding clinical trials too in a more easy way.

Different digital platforms have different policies that tell how to talk and upto what extent about medical information. Understanding these policies and acting likewise can help the trial campaign to run as planned and be a successful one.

Be prepared for the challenges

  • Having a plan ready beforehand of arising any challenge is very important. In the case there’s trouble in finding appropriate volunteers, smart recruitment campaigns including IRB approved copy and imagery may work out.
  • Hiring a clinical trial recruitment company specialized in finding right volunteers may also be worth considering. They test out different approaches like targeting, messaging and images and figure out how to intercept potential blockages.
  • COVID-19 has thrown unexpected challenges on clinical trials, especially on trial sites. Many trials were forced to become site less.

But the essential trials couldn’t be halted due to the challenges. So for conducting a successful trial, clinical testing data are needed to be collected precisely and the trial stages should be done thoroughly till the completion. And thus reliable lab partners, digital medical record platforms and transport companies are needed for the people who are willing to participate in research but do not want to go to the site as they fear it would harm their health. To overcome this challenge a patient recruitment company can be hired which can serve as a one stop shop for the brokerage of the important partnerships to keep the trial going on.

Running a perfect and successful clinical trial recruitment campaign is not that hard if proper strategies are planned from the starting only. Proper strategies help the campaign to move in the right direction.

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