Industrial Trainings / Professional Diploma

Charles Darwin Gave The Term “Survival For The Fittest” & It Holds True For All The Professionals Working In Industry As Well As Academia.
Only Those Who Are Ready & Fit for Professional Competition Will Survive & Grow On To Become Leaders


Primary objective of the industrial trainings organized by Pharma Instinct for Pharma, Biotech and life sciences students is to make them industry and research ready as per global requirements. Students / Trainees are exposed to latest technologies and techniques used in various sectors like Pharma, Food, And Biotech Industry.
Pharma and Biotech sector has evolved in since last decade, so new opportunities have come that require all together new skill sets and knowledge. These emerging areas include clinical research, regulatory affairs, Intellectual property right, quality assurance etc. The gap between industry requirement and skill sets given to students with the present curriculum has widened thus reducing the employability of the students.
Being in the industry for a long time, our team decided to work on enhancing the skills and capabilities of the students to make the FIT FOR THE INDUSTRY by

  • Giving them complete practical experience
  • Developing their analytical skills
  • Developing project handling skills
  • Imparting latest industry knowledge
  • Interaction with Industry stalwarts
  • Improving upon their communication skills especially Scientific writing skills
  • Exposing them to various personality development tasks

Our training module are structured in such a way that each student gets maximum exposure to experimental work, to design his own project and analysis the data by himself so as to become independent and industry as well as academic research ready. Students who choose for more than one month training module are encouraged to publish their research project work.

“We are very passionate about our training programs and we generate similar passion in our students to succeed in their respective fields.”


Students in following streams are eligible for the trainings
M.Sc./M.Tech. Students-Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Botany, Zoology
M. Pharma students
B.Sc./B.Tech. students and B. Pharma Students can also apply for the training programs


For training: email at;
Call: 09855423608